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Elaw software is intuitive, fully web-based and customizable according to customer needs, with intelligent, dynamic workflow, following the BPM concept, artificial intelligence, big data analysis and management analysis tools.

Our team specializes in legal technology and has extensive experience to suggest best practices to help clients develop their projects, in order to reduce costs, optimize processes and increase productivity in your business.


Elaw Litigation Management module facilitates access to all information on a single screen. The progress of lawsuits can be completely monitored online:

  • Closing of provision with comparison between periods.
  • Update of financial indexes.
  • Management of Guarantees.
  • Control of hearings.
  • Individual order management.
  • Electronic circularization.
  • Workflow for standardization of processes.
  • Among others.


Reduce the amount of paperwork and optimize the work procedures of the legal department with Elaw Contract Management module.

Automate the process of requesting, approving, completing, stamping and signing contracts through flows, including integrated electronic signature, visualizing the approval time in each phase of the flow.

Power of Attorney

Granting a power of attorney for a person to represent and sign documents on behalf of the company is a huge responsibility and requires effective control.

With Elaw Power of Attorney Management you control all documents, from elaboration to alerts of validity.

Limit powers, optimize signatures, manage minutes through the system, and be assured that the Power of Attorney is being approved by a person with the authority to do so.


Brazil is an extremely litigant country and any lawsuit that is not well evaluated can turn out to be a legal dispute.

This is because decisions are often made without consulting the legal department, which could guide or conduct a conciliation, avoiding a lawsuit.

With Elaw Advisory module, consultations are requested through a system, with deadlines, possibility of creating a bank of opinions and, if the case becomes a lawsuit, you can count on Elaw Litigation Management module to continue the work, in an integrated process and recording all information.

Real Estate

A major concern for companies is managing properties owned or leased. Therefore, in addition to the expansion department, they can rely on the legal department to control and renew critical documents, which may lead to the closure of a property for failure to comply with deadlines and requirements. Our module enables the integration of these two or more areas that are involved in the process.

Trademarks and Patents

Elaw Trademark and Patent Management module is ideal for companies that register trademarks and patents with INPI. The software allows you to track the publication of applications, control payment of fees and manage the misuse of some intellectual property of your trademarks.


Other Modules

Corporate Structure

With Elaw Corporate Structure Management you maintain the historical data of companies, generate and control actions, the capital stock and the register of the corporate structure. The system also calculates and controls the distribution of profit.

Manage the corporate book and eliminate costs of printing papers, mail, infrastructure, physical files, among others.


Enter the contract fees of the firms in the module and link them to the lawsuits under your responsibility.

Pay bonuses by identifying progress and publications and manage the reimbursement policy, all automatically.

Generate a pre-invoice contemplating all values for the period and reverse the checking process.

Review the performance of the firm and be assured that payments are correct.


Elaw Business Intelligence is a tool that provides all information in the Elaw system for analysis, either through the most varied panel layouts that are updated online or by generating various graphic formats with statistical and integrated data.

With Elaw Business Intelligence you learn everything that happens in your company quickly and easily.


Each Elaw software module allows you to upload and manage documents, however, companies feel the need for efficient control of all their documents - not only those related to the legal department - so we also offer Elaw Electronic Document Management.

With this module, you can store an infinite amount of documents, as well as count on Workflow to gather approvals or inform other areas by document type.

Configure alerts for critical documents, restrict access to sensitive documents, and quickly locate any document using OCR technology.

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