• Nilson Neves
    Our aim is to always have the best system in each area; that is why we have sought and brought in Elaw.
    Nilson Neves
    IT Manager at Rodobens
  • Daniela Ferreira
    With Elaw we were able to bring a lot of information, make more assertive decisions about the processes.
    Daniela Ferreira
    Supervisor of Legal Operations at Banco Carrefour

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Elaw software is intuitive, online and customizable, tailored to customer needs, with intelligent and dynamic workflow.

With an extensive portfolio of modules, Elaw software has solutions to meet all the needs and challenges that today's legal professionals face.

In addition to software, Elaw has a dedicated team to suggest best practices for your business, with the goal of streamlining day-to-day processes and increasing the productivity of your business.

Legal Services

This axis of Elaw is made up of services and teams of professionals prepared to serve customers in various business operating procedures, including registration, calculations, data updates, hearings, automation, mediation, among others.

No matter the need, we have the right solution for your company.


To optimize the processes and relationships between the areas of clients, Elaw software has integration with any ERP software or corporate system.

The goal is to integrate and facilitate. Our compatibility with a diverse range of systems is precisely to sustain this commitment.

Systems from other areas such as Finance, Tax, Human Resources, Purchasing, among others, work perfectly and effectively together, in each step and process.

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