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Elaw Watson

In partnership with IBM, using Watson, Elaw has created and continues to build cognitive solutions to bring more efficiency and effectiveness to the routine of legal departments.

The Artificial Intelligence applied to the legal universe by Elaw comprises the use and combination of technologies, allowing us to:

  • Carry out cognitive automations.
  • Analyze, confront, compare and interpret any type of information.
  • Make decisions.
  • Control and predict patterns and their deviations.
  • Indicate trends through predictive models.
  • Continuous learning with automated feedback, learning ability based on corrections of errors, through Machine Learning.
  • Continuous data curatorship to increase the confidence level of information, using am expert multidisciplinary team for each specific area of knowledge. (eg lawyers, mathematicians, statisticians, developers, among others).
  • Agility in processing a large mass of data.

See our proven cases in progress and join this revolution together with Elaw in creating new innovative solutions. Use technology to your advantage.

Elaw Lab

An environment and laboratory created exclusively for the development of innovative solutions focused on the customer and democratization of new technologies.

ElawLab was created with the aim of bringing technology to the Legal universe with a totally different approach, disconnecting any concept that you need to be linked to an ERP/Legal System to offer technology and services.

Our vision in the laboratory is to create and/or co-create solutions focused on day-to-day needs, always using the latest technology (eg: Artificial Intelligence, Automation at all levels, Big Data, Machine Learning, Analytics, among others) to bring a concrete benefit to your operation and business, sharing knowledge, democratizing and encouraging the use of new technologies.

Our workflow:

  • Identify the real needs with the client, for the adoption of a viable, assertive and agile solution.
  • Design thinking: we will carry out one, two, or as many sessions as necessary to get to know in details the needs of the client and design our complete solution and range of technologies to be used in the project.
  • Planning: definition of activities, responsibilities, Sprints, Target, always based on agile methodologies for the development and validation of our project.
  • Productive validations and testing of models.
  • Delivery of Results and piloting of services and solutions in production.

With fast, short-term projects, we are able to add value and effectiveness, bringing technology as a strong ally to operations, leveraging the growth of positive results, paving the future with increased accessibility and agility in the processes.

If you are an Elaw customer, ElawLab is designed to bring more innovation and technology to you!

If you are not yet an Elaw Client, ElawLab was also created for Legal Departments of companies and Law Firms! We are waiting for you!


Smart is a platform that connects firms and legal departments to representatives and correspondents in a practical, transparent and secure way.

Smart features:

  • Register your network of correspondents and have the Smart network available.
  • Create batch demands and hire several professionals.
  • Have traffic control through check-in
  • Evaluate the professional's work and release to bill.
  • Pay multiple professionals at once.


E-Calc is Elaw's unit specialized in performing legal labor calculations at all procedural stages. In addition, it produces management reports that identify the most sensitive aspects of the labor portfolio, providing information, promoting competitive advantage and providing good results to our clients.

The accurate interpretation of the decisions in the case and the correct preparation of the provisioning and settlement calculations allow the company to properly manage labor liabilities.

Main activities:

  • Monitoring of procedural progress, signaling in advance the need for calculations.
  • Labor calculations at all stages.
  • Submission of reasons for challenge.
  • Challenge of expert reports.
  • Collection and monetary correction of judicial liabilities.
  • Management report to update labor liabilities.
  • Breakdown of amounts under the agreement.


Elaw's solution that allows for legal departments and firms to outsource routines that are usually carried out by trainees and paralegals.

Main activities:

  • Registration of lawsuits.
  • Update of data and procedural progress.
  • Download of procedural documents.
  • Generation and payment of legal payment forms and legal costs.
  • Hearings management.
  • Management and treatment of publications.
  • Scanning and indexing of documents in the system.
  • Preparation of reports.
  • Collection of subsidies.
  • Closing of lawsuits.
  • Verification of information registered.
  • Database cleaning:
    • Verification of active and closed lawsuits.
    • Treatment of procedural information.
    • Standardization of procedural progress and documents.
    • Completion of required fields in the database.
    • Entry of amounts according to contingency rules and provision of the company or business unit.
    • Creation of standardized internal processes of the company.
    • RCross-checking of data to verify inconsistencies.

    Elaw BPO - Business Process Outsourcing

    The number of lawsuits filed annually makes the Brazilian judiciary system less dynamic and difficult to follow. Fortunately, the adoption of technology by these institutions is making life easier for companies.

    However, having the resources to monitor a large number of Courts and follow-up national gazettes is expensive, complex and high risk, for example with a wrong register.

    With Elaw BPO, you have the entire process of searching for progress, publications and filing fees, including download of documents, if available.


    Elaw's service portfolio includes Mediato, which is a Private Chamber of Mediation and Conciliation accredited by the TJSP, which offers negotiation and mediation services.

    Mediation is a self-determined method of conflict resolution in which an impartial third party - the mediator - chosen by the parties involved in the conflict, acts as a facilitator of interaction and dialog between the parties.

    Benefits offered by Mediato:

    • Legal security of the agreements signed.
    • Reduction of legal contingencies.
    • Reduction of judicial deposits.
    • Avoid financial expenses with firms in lawsuits with probability of loss.
    • Legal productivity increase (Time and $$).
    • Greater assertiveness in provisioning (analyzing agreements/convictions).
    • Better monitoring of judicial liabilities related to the market of action.
    • Statistical data on the behavior of the Judiciary in the judgment of lawsuits of companies in the same industry.

    Mediato Differentials:

    Mediato has a qualified team where all Mediators:

    • Are trained in the Harvard method of trading.
    • Attend training courses and are count on specialized mentoring.
    • Are qualified by Resolution 125 of the National Council of Justice (CNJ).
    • Are registered and active with the São Paulo Court of Justice.
    • Exclusive representative of the "Celia" method developed at Sorbonne University, in France.
    • Petition of agreements reached.

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